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We are a seasoning manufacturing company established in Singapore. We have a strong foundation of knowledge in the snack processing industry. We pride ourselves when it comes to innovations and creations of new seasoning.

Having a global customer base, we understand the different culture and taste bubs of different region, providing us the extra advantage of penetrating into a market.


“Passion of creating new seasonings, never fails to
Excite and lift, the spirit and quality of life“
Never take the differences, in culture, religion or habits.
We strongly believe that a good taste unite the world.

CEO Message

From Asia Extending Through Out The World

代表取締役社長 永井 治
永井 治
osamu nagai
1. Foundation
Since 1987, we have established ourselves in heart of Singapore. Targeting on creating a strong foundation in the South East Asia region and bringing the taste of Japan to this region. In 1998, We expanded from a small unit at Soon Lee To now a more then 5,000 sqm of Office/Production facilities space at 1 Woodlands Link. With the capabilities of providing more than 6,000 metric tonnes annually, and still expanding. We also have subsidiary offices and production facilities in both Indonesia and Thailand to keep up with the high ongoing demand for their local unique market.
2. Expansion To Middle East & Africa
Middle East and Africa is another huge market with a population of more then 1.5 Billion as recorded and is still growing. N.P Foods have been representing ourselves since the beginning of our establishment. We are expecting a huge growth in seasoning demands in this region. Hence, N.P Foods will further invest our resources in our current storage, production facilities and R&D for new products development in our pipeline to cater to the demands for this region.
3. Expansion Globally
International business had always been the forte of N.P Foods Singapore. We have substantial knowledge of all international trades & procurement which includes SQF2000(HACCP/GMP), FSSC22000 (FOOD SAFTY SYTEM) and Halal Certification to support global logistic. With such good practice, certification, recognition, and factory expansion in the pipeline we are able to cater to the demand globally.